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Start your JOURNEY.

A Girl-Centred Boarding School Program on Canada’s West Coast

At SMS, students from around the world come to develop lifelong friendships, celebrate their individuality, and grow into independent, confident people.

Why You Should Board at SMS

Find a World of Adventure

New experiences, on our 22-acre campus and in the vibrant city of Victoria, will bring you closer to nature, closer to the world and closer to your community.

Develop Independence

Become independent and confident. Learn how to manage your time and create a balanced life—making your transition to university an easy one.

Pursue Your Learning

In addition to strong academics and experiential learning, SMS provides a safe and nurturing environment where each student grows and they prepare for an exciting future.

Inspiring Success

St. Margaret’s School (SMS) is the only girls-centred school on Vancouver Island, and Canada’s first all-girls STEM school. Our empowering boarding program for Grades 7 to 12 attracts top students from all over the world.

The Experience of a Lifetime

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